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Unity Clarifies Additional Fees After Major Backlash

Unity Technologies announced yesterday they were making updates to the pricing and packages for their popular game engine Unity. While the company were praised for some of their tool and asset storage improvements, the company received major backlash due to the implementation charging up to $0.20 fee per install once a game passes $200,000 in revenue per year and 200,000 installs.

Brackets would be the following:

  • Unity Personal and Unity Plus: Thosethat have made $200,000 USD or more in the last 12 months AND have at least 200,000 lifetime game installs.
  • Unity Pro and Unity Enterprise: Those that have made $1,000,000 USD or more in the last 12 months AND have at least 1,000,000 lifetime game installs.

Since then, senior vice president Marc Whitten spoke with Axios to clarify that initial installation would result in a fee and an extra fee will only be charged if the game is installed on a second device. Unity are also saying that only around 10% of total games developed using Unity will be subject to any of these fees at all.

Whitten stated:

Our core point with this is simply to make sure that we have the right value exchange so that we can continue to invest in our fundamental mission to make sure that we can deliver the best tools for people to make great games.”

“It’s not fun to get a bunch of angry feedback on any particular day. And I think that that is us needing to clarify some of these points. But we’re we’re listening and we will continue to make sure that we deliver the best that we can.”

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