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Servers for “The Division” Crash Shortly After Launch

Just over 1 hour ago, “The Division” was finally released in the US after much anticipation.  Now, it seems Division fans will have to wait a little longer to play.  Within 30 minutes of launch early Tuesday morning, Ubisoft experienced a massive server outage affecting not only “The Division,” but Ubisoft’s proprietary game platform uPlay.

According to the reports we are receiving, this issue is affecting players worldwide, across all platforms.

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has experienced had serious issues launching a triple-A title in recent years:  “Splinter Cell: Conviction’s” save bug which caused players to lose all campaign process, “Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s” game crippling bugs/glitches, and most recently “Rainbow Six: Siege’s” matchmaking server issues.

Ubisoft has released the following statement on Twitter:

We will update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: As of around 1:45 AM EST, servers seem to be back online.

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