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A gamer since the days of the Amiga PC and Sega Genesis, it was only natural for Andrew to create a website and community to share his passion for gaming with others. After a few years running a personal blog dedicated to Xbox gaming, Andrew decided that for the site to grow it needed to be more than him - as such, was born. Andrew is the President/CEO of Zoom Digital Media Group, LLC, and handles management operations for the website, as well as technical operations, and serves as the Editor-In-Chief. Outside of the gaming world, Andrew works as an Information Systems/Security Engineer, serves as Information Security director for a non-profit organization, and sits on the board of two other non-profit organizations. Andrew has also served on the board of two charity fundraiser security conferences: TMHC's Isolation Con and conINT.

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    New information has surfaced on SteamDB that seems to indicate that Half Life 3 may actually be in the works.  Thanks to a vulnerability...

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