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Xbox Series X|S Price, Pre-Order, and Launch Date Finally Revealed!

This morning the Xbox social feeds are filling with news about their next gen consoles. We learned yesterday that Project Lockhart was real in the form of the Xbox Series S for $299.99 and today we’re finally seeing the official price for the Xbox Series X. The direct competitor to the PlayStation 5. The Xbox Series X will remain at the same launching point of the Xbox One at $499.99. The Pre-Order for both consoles will go live on September 22nd and will be available to the public on November 10th!

The Xbox Series S will be Microsoft’s competitor to the PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition. The Series S will not have a disc drive and will feature a smaller internal SDD at 512GB. The rest of the specs are basically the same and claiming it can target 1440p at 60 and 120 frames per second depending on the game. The console itself has a very large black radiator fan on its top that is very noticeable given its clean white finish. You can check the design below. Still at $299.99 it’s a great way for consumers to hop into the next gen without breaking the bank.

The Xbox Series X will be the more powerful variant claiming capabilities of 8K and 60 to 120 frames per second. More than likely you will see the 120FPS more frequent to the 4K resolution and even the 1440P. The Xbox Series X has more of a tall box look with a clean black finish. The console vents through the square top and out the back. Even given it’s thickness it will be smaller than the PlayStation 5.

Xbox also announced that EA Play will come with their Xbox GamePass this holiday season, making it an even more valuable experience for those interested. EA Play is not the Ultimate variant so if you want to play Madden NFL 21 right now, you’d need to up your subscription. Aside from that it adds a ton of EA games to an already impressive number of games for the value.

Xbox looks to be taking a heavy swing towards Sony this year to turn things around. Will it be enough to accomplish bringing the console ownership back to them? Only time will tell. Keep checking in for more news on Next Gen gaming!

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