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IO Interactive debut’s ‘HITMAN’ at E3

Everybody’s favorite assassin, Agent 47, will be returning this December in a reboot of the Iconic series in which 47 is hired by ‘The Organization’ to take out a variety of targets.  Developer IO Interactive and Square Enix debuted a trailer for HITMAN at E3 2015.  The trailer shows 47 training and preparing for his upcoming missions, and provides a glimpse at some of his presumed targets in the game.

Rumor has it, HITMAN will play like an episodic series unlike previous games in the series.  IO Interactive’s Creative Director Christian Elverdam recently told Kotaku that the story will be told “in between assassination missions, rather than during them.”  We’ll have to see how this works out for AAA titles like HITMAN as we see a continue to see a rise in episodic content for games.

Check out the trailer below:

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