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GameStop Tells Employees They Have To Receive District Manager Approval To Use Restroom

There is a long running saying “when you gotta go, you gotta go” when talking about needing to go to the restroom. However, it seems that it’s not as simply anymore if you are a GameStop employee and are the only person in the store.

According to a reddit user going by Deadpoolxchimi, they have received “approval” signage when they need to take a quick trip to the bathroom when they are working single coverage. The catch is that they want them to text their District Manager to get their approval before doing so. The reddit user says that their DM stated “Just reach out to me via text and I will APPROVE you going to the bathroom.”

The OP said this might be in part due to their District Leader calling out their entire district for these actions after watching the security cameras.

Many GameStop employees have said they have no issue with professional signs and locking doors, but having to get approval from their DMs once nature calls is completely overboard. Managers have also been vocal for several months of the need for more hours for payroll therefore decreasing the amount of single coverage the store experiences on a weekly basis.

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