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GameStop Seeing Mass Exodus Of Employees, Leaving In Droves

Many employers across the retail space have seen their share of issues getting people back to work. Based on feedback over the past week alone, GameStop is one of these companies.

Last week Camelot331 released a video noting that several now former employees of GameStop have left the company for various reasons. Even on the GameStop subreddit, parting of the ways has not slowed down.

A store manager made a post noting that over half of their employees in their district have left the company within the past month. This has led to several replies from current and former employees also noting they, along with several others, have left.

We’ve compiled a list of quotes from associates down below:

I’ve worked in the same district for 10 years..and I currently know about 10% of the people working in it now. There are so many changing faces that I don’t bother learning names. It’s crazy.

Since I left in January the entire staff at the store I was in has quit too…. Everyone is jumping ship

My old district is down 8 managers this week, all walked away to better jobs

Definitely. Over the past year almost all of our 10+ year employees left

I don’t think it’s district based, seems to be across the company like everyone else is saying. My store is down to 2 GA’s, 1 SGA, and SL who is managing two stores rn. It’s hard to find people. High turnover would be my guess

Our district lost 7 SL’s in the last month

We lost 5 managers X3 Asl X9 Sgas And handful of mangers in last 2 months. They all had enough and bounced.

We’ve had some people go in the last several months but it’s been a lot more spread out. I don’t find the mass exodus of people leaving surprising though. It’s definitely a workers job market right now with many companies hiring. Combine that with GS’s current ceaseless whip cracking for numbers, no raises for two years straight, the lack of payroll, the elimination of the ASL position for all intents and purposes, and the past year of pandemic stresses being shoved down store level employees throats, is it any wonder store level morale right now is at historic lows causing so many people to GTFO.

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