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Entire Video Game Console Collection For Sale On eBay


In one of the most insane things you will read for quite some time, a seller on eBay has put up a video game console collection for sale on eBay. This collection has received lots of press due to just how large of a collection it is and all of these have never been used and are new in box. Lots of these were also graded by VGA for authentication. Below is the full list of consoles included with this bundle…

-Sega Master System (3 units of these) – New/never opened (9/10)
-Sega Nomad System VGA 85+
-Atari Jaguar CD System  VGA 90
-Sega Game Gear/Sonic 2 System (black box) VGA 85
-Nintendo 3DS XL System Animal Crossing Edition VGA  U90+
-Nintendo 3DS XL System Mario + Luigi Dream Team Bundle VGA 90+
-Gamecube Indigo Black Controller VGA  U90+
-Metroid Prime Edition Gamecube System VGA  U85
-Gameboy Color Yellow Pikachu Edition – VGA  85+
-Sega Game Gear Core System (black box – early 93’) VGA  85+
– Sega Game Gear Core System (black box – mid/late 93’) VGA  85
-Nintendo 3DS System: Fire Emblem Awakening Edition VGA  90
-Nintendo 3DS XL: 2013 Pokemon Red Edition (9.5/10)
-Nintendo 3DS XL: 2013 Pokemon Blue Edition (9.5/10)
-Atari 7800 – New in open box (8 out of 10)
-Intellivoice Module VGA  85
-Nintendo Gameboy Tetris Bundle (original Gameboy) Sealed. (8.5+ to 9/10)
-Nintendo Gameboy Tetris Bundle (original Gameboy) Sealed. (8.5+/10)
-Majesco Sega Game Gear System. New in what looks like/I believe to be an unopened box. 9/10
-Turboexpress System VGA  85+
-Gameboy Advance SP Pearl Blue Donkey Kong 3 Bundle. Sealed in blister pack. 9+/10
-SNES Killer Instinct Bundle. 8-8.5/10. New in opened box
-NES Power Set – New in opened box. 8.5/10
-Goldstar 3DO – New in opened box. 8.5/10
-Panasonic 3DO – New in opened box. 8.5/10
-Texas Instruments TI99/4A. New in unopened box. One corner has minor crushing. The rest of the box is 9.5/10
-Speed Demon Attack Game NIB 9+/10
-Applications software NIB 9+/10
-Sega Saturn Model 2 VGA  U90+ (2 of these)
-Nintendo Control Deck. 1988 Edition. New in open box. 9/10
-Sega CD Action System VGA Q85
-Magnavox Odyssey 200 VGA Q85+
-Magnavox Odyssey 200 VGA Q85
-Sega Dreamcast Smash Pack Limited Edition VGA 85
-Sega Dreamcast White Box. New in opened box. 9/10 system 9/10 system 8/10
-Sega Dreamcast (black box). New in opened box. 8.5/10
-Game gear core system (blue box) VGA 80+
-Microsoft Xbox Halo Edition – New in sealed box
-Odyssey 500 VGA Q85
-Telegames Personal Arcade – VGA Q85
-Nintendo NES Top Loader (Model 2) – New in opened box – 8.5+/10
-Nintendo 64 System VGA U90
-NES Action Set – Red Gun – VGA 85
-NES Sports Set – VGA 85 (VGA case is cracked. In the process of having replaced).
-Sega Genesis Model 2 Value Pack. Sealed. ~7.5-8/10
-Sega Game Gear Columns Bundle VGA 80
-Nintendo Game Cube Mario Party 7 Bundle 8.5/10
-NES Deluxe System. This is the ROB the Robot Bundle. VGA Q80.
-Gameboy Advance SP Cobalt Blue. In blister pack with donkey kong game. 9/10
-Dual Turbo Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis. Sealed. 7.5/10
-Atari Jaguar (early edition) – new/sealed 8.5-9/10
-Atari Jaguar (later edition) – new/sealed 8.5-9/10
-Gamecube Mario Kart Double Dash Bundle. Never opened. 8.5+-9/10
-Super Nintendo Mini/Model 2 – Never Opened 9/10
-Gameboy Pocket Silver Edition – 8.5/10. Sealed
-Original Nintendo Gameboy. VGA 90+
-Sega 32x never opened – 8.5+-9/10
-Nintendo Gameboy Micro 20th Anniversary Edition 8.5+-9/10
-Nintendo 64 original release. New in opened box. 8.5+-9/10
-Sega Genesis 2 Core System – 9/10. New never opened
-Sega Genesis 2 Core System (Majesco) – 8/10. New, opened.
-Nintendo 64 Hey You Pikachu Bundle VGA 80+
-Intellivision 2 Computer Module – 8/10. New/sealed
-Bally Astrocade system in sealed factory shipping box. Box itself is in great condition. Good piece to get graded as uncirculated.
-Super Nintendo Super Set. 7.5-8/10. New in opened box.
-Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). New in unopened box. 9/10
-Vectrex system. New in opened box. One corner has some crushing, the rest of the box is 9/10
-Super NES Control Set VGA U85
-Gameboy Micro is Blister pack with Pelican accessories. 9/10
-Nintendo Virtual Boy System 8.5/10

-Neo Geo Pocket Color ocean blue
-Neo Geo Pocket Color stone blue
-Neo Geo Pocket Color clear
-All 3 are NIB and sealed and 8.5+/9 out of 10


-Amiga CD 32 System. New in opened box. 8/10. Overseas (UK) edition. Never came to the US.
-4 playstation SCPH-9001’s in (opened) factory system case. The systems themselves are sealed and really nice. All 9-9.5+/10
-Atari Lynx II – sealed. Small tear in wrap. Otherwise 9+/10

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(All GBs below are SEALED)
-Gameboy Advance SP NES Edition 8.5+/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Pearl Blue 9/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Lime Orange Limited Edition 9/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Pikachu Edition 8.5+/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Lime Green DK Country Target Bundle. Sealed. 9/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Target Spiderman Bundle. Blue. 8.5+/10
– Gameboy Advance Black Pokemon Crystal Toys R Us bundle. 9/10
– Gameboy Advance Artic White 9/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Pikachu Edition 8.5+/10
-Gameboy 3DS XL Pikachu Edition 9.5/10
-Gameboy Pocket Ice Edition 8.5/10
-Original GB Pocket in Hard plastic case. Batteries leaking a little. Otherwise nice
– Gameboy Pocket Silver 8.5/10
-Gameboy Color Atomic Purple VGA  85
– Gameboy Color Pokemon Limited Edition VGA  Q90 (Eur edition)
– Gameboy Color Grape VGA  85
– Gameboy Color Kiwi VGA  85
– Gameboy Color Yellow Tommy Hilfiger Edition 8.5+/10
– Gameboy Color Yellow (1st edition) VGA  85+
– Gameboy Color Teal VGA  85
– Gameboy Pocket Black VGA  90
– Gameboy Pocket Lime Green Limited Edition 8.5+/10
– Gameboy Color Berry (1st edition) 8.5+-9/10
– Gameboy Color Berry 8.5+-9/10
-Gameboy Color Atomic Purple 8.5+-9/10
– Gameboy Advance SP Pink 8.5/10
-Nintendo DS Mario Kart Bundle (rare – red edition) 9/10
-Gameboy Advance SP Spongebob Edition VGA  85+
-Gameboy Advance SP Onyx/Black VGA  90
-Gameboy Advance SP NES Edition VGA  90+
– Nintendo Gameboy Micro 20th Anniversary Edition VGA 85

-Original Magnavox Odyssey 1 EXPORT EDITION (that was sold in the US). This is super rare and likely the only one in existence. NIB. Doesn’t have the batteries, but these can be found pretty readily. Really super nice piece. Can’t speak enough about it. 8.5/10

Magnavox Odyssey Games (all VGA rated expect the last)
-Handball Q85
-Fun Zoo U85
-Handball U85+
-Wipeout U85+
-Baseball U85+
-Volleyball U85+
-Invasion U85
-Wipeout (not graded, 7.5-8/10)

Random Games
-Kirby’s Super Avlanche SNES. Sealed. 8.5+-9/10
-Blackjack NES – 8.5/10
-Kirby NES – 9/10
-SNES X-Men Wolverine Adamantium Rage 9/10
-Random games
-Kirby’s Dream Lane Gameboy (original, not the bestselling edition) VGA  85+
-Game gear games all NIB and sealed: Sonic 2 (x2), Sonic Chaos, Junglebook, Lion King, Super Battle Tank (all Majesco). All 9/10


The seller has noted that before you bid you will have to stop by his house to see the collection for yourself and he will not break them up and sell them separately. The current asking price is $98,000.

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