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Unreleased Virtua Cop N-Gage Prototype Surfaces


If you were around during the early 2000s you might remember a phone that was being advertised as both a phone and video game system called the N-Gage. Well let’s just say that it was a massive flop, but I have seen some pop up in retro gaming stores.

Somebody who goes by eskdirkdagger has put up for sale what some are considering the holy grail on N-Gage games. They have put up an unreleased prototype of a Virtua Cop game for N-Gage. The game was in development, but was cancelled after the horrible sames of the handheld. A small quantity of Virtua Cop MMCs were made for Devs and Press, but most of them were destroyed and this one has survived.

The current asking price is set a $555.00

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