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Runescape Adds Ironman Mode

Jagex has announced that they are now releasing an Ironman Mode for their hugely successful MMORPG Runescape. Ironman Mode will create a new character and will automatically set the rules on Ironman. Below are the restrictions…


  • No player-to-player trades
  • No Grand Exchange trades, except Bonds
  • No picking up drops from other players
  • No Lootshare
  • No XP or loot in PvP
  • No multiplayer minigames
  • Most facilities in other players’ houses cannot be used
  • No assist or accept aid
  • Dungeoneering is solo only
  • No Sinkholes or Warbands
  • No Treasure Hunter
  • No Wicked Pouch from Solomon’s Store
  • No Refer a Friend
  • No Social Slayer
  • XP gain from clan citadel plots is reduced
  • No benefit will be received from group buffs, abilities or spells cast by others
  • Any group abilities or spells cast by an Ironman players will only affect the caster
  • You must deal more than half the total damage to a monster before you will receive drops from it.
  • Combat XP is reduced if you do less than 100% of the damage needed to kill an enemy (i.e. if someone else is fighting it as well)


Jagex also has a Hardcore Ironman mode which has the same restrictions, only this one will have your account no longer playable. That means you die once, you have to start all over again with all skills reset to 1. Only exception to the rules are “safe” activities like Castle Wars and Duel Arena.Br

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