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Retro-Pixel Castles Coming To Steam

SixtyGig Games announced today that their upcoming village simulator game Retro-Pixel Castles will be coming to Steam. The game will costs $14.99 and a beta version is available on their site for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

In addition, the studio also released full details on what they have fixed to participants on their demo. Below is the full changelog…


Overall load speed increased by about 25-30% (More on lower end machines)

– Villagers no longer attempt to grab resources that are on a blocked tile.

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– Fixed a bug that would cause farmers to stop farming entirely.

– Resources are now pushed out of the way if you attempt to build something on top of them.

– Added Children. They are not allowed to work, but will eventually grow into adult villagers. They inherit stats/experience from their parents when born.

– Hovering over “total population” on the top GUI now shows how many adults and children you have.

– Zooming added, you can now zoom between 1x and 8x zoom with the + and – key on your numpad. (Last build was locked at 3x)

– The interface GUI is now set to 2x scaling (Last build was 3x)

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– Minimap colors rebalanced, and the minimap renders faster.

– Shadows generate much faster now.

– Lighting style changed, now more retro-like. Also renders faster.

– Created proper launcher files/executable for Windows, Mac and Linux.

– Patched a crash related to lighting values dropping below 0.

– Fixed a crash related to villagers trying to do mate related AI functions and their mate dies before the action is completed.

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– Fixed a crash that would fire when a villager is starving to death and looking for food.

– Farmers now distribute food more evenly.

– Builders now build from first to last, not everything all at once.

– Many other tiny bug fixes and tweaks.


While the game is approved on Steam, the studio has yet to announce an official release date.

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