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New Kingdom Hearts Details Released

This weeks Famitsu magazine has an interview with Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Tetsuya Nomura in which he discusses some more details about the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. Lots of new things that were never discussed were brought up and talked about. Below are some of the big details…


  • The development for Kingdom Hearts III is moving smoothly according to plan.
  • Square Enix seem to be having some sort of design problems due to engine-related issues, but currently, they’ve advanced in the scenario writing and world choices, along with designs for Sora and Riku’s new outfits.
  • They currently have a great variety of Keyblade transformations, and compare it to Birth by Sleep’s original way of fighting using Keyblades.
  • Choosing new worlds for Kingdom Hearts III is also proving to be a difficult task for Square Enix.
  • Besides Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix have various projects [for the series], but at the moment, they have plenty of offers and plan on prioritizing those first.


There were also reports that Disney’s Frozen was rumored to be a world in Kingdom Hearts 3 that were “claimed” by Tai Yasue,  but those reports are false and just misinterpreted. Although there is a possibility it could eventually be added as the team is having a hard time choosing new worlds to add. There is also a possibility that Kingdom Hearts 3D could get an HD Remake.

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