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Late Night Rant: Destiny Taken King

After some careful thoughts and reviewing some of the editions Bungie is coming out with for Destiny’s newest update, “The Taken King” I have noticed a few things I wanted to point out.

First off for some background. I have been a Bungie fan since I was eight years old or so. I first played Halo:Combat Evolved on the PC and absolutely fell in love with the story telling. At that point nothing compared to how incredible the game looked. I continued on and did miss Halo 2 due to owning a PlayStation 2 but nonetheless I jumped back into Halo 3 and again fell in love with that game. I have been a part of the Bungie community and continue to be. Now, this is not meant to hate on Destiny itself as I have put over 500 hours into the game. I still love it and will continue to play it. The issue I have though is that they seem to not be focused on us, the fans who have been here since Day 1 of Destiny, and even for some of us who have been with Bungie for a long time period. I mean I received an emblem in Destiny that shows I’ve been around the community for a while. Also in Halo: Reach I had the O which denoted that I had been around since the first Halo. I still feel as though with Destiny they aren’t focused on gamers like myself but bringing in new members. We are just as important. We are the community that can help those new players reach the level cap and enjoy Destiny to its fullest. I mean I even had some guidance from others about certain things, especially raids. I’m sure all of us have.

Bungie is offering to new gamers not into Destiny at the moment two great deals. I will admit, I love what they are doing for them. It’s really an awesome deal for them. You are able to pick up Destiny, the two expansions, and The Taken King in the Legendary Edition all for $59.99


For those who may be wanting to jump into the game and want some extra physical items they are offering a $79.99 version which also features the above but so much more. Three new class specific emotes, three armor shaders, three exotic class items which comes with XP bonuses, a real life Strange Coin, a steel-book case, “relics and artifacts”, a treasure island book which has a good bit of history in it, plus an exotic weapon schematic poster. To me this is the most valuable because that’s a cheap price for what all you are getting.


For those who have played since the beginning have the option to get a $39.99 digital version that has a shader, a sparrow, a year one emblem, and claims to have more at launch.

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To me, if we have already purchased the first game at $59.99 and then the Expansion for $34.99 or $19.99 a piece we just got shafted pretty hard. I mean we could spend $79.99 and get the big Collectors edition which features all that was mentioned but for those with a physical copy of the game that would mean doubling up. Or for someone like me who purchased the $89.99 Guardian Digital edition I am stuck with two copies because I would already have the year one Destiny and unable to give it to someone or trade it in. I would basically lose roughly $40 if I buy the Collectors Edition, and if I don’t buy the Collectors Edition I am missing out on a good bit of content that I don’t believe adds up to the difference. I guess my rant would be that I would like to see the year one players be able to gain access to the same material as what is in the Collectors edition without dealing with that hefty price tag or getting the extra games. I love collecting things and unfortunately missed out on the first major collection and wanted to start here but I just can’t justify it. Even though I probably will end up getting it because of how much I love this game, I just would like to see the community that has been with Bungie through the years to be treated a bit better. I don’t want to come off sounding greedy and I’m sure that a few people may think that but I suppose it was just an observation I made. Call of Duty also did this in a way with the Gold Edition by giving away Havoc Downloadable Content for free and not giving those who purchased a season pass their $15 back.

But, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now, back to playing Destiny and slaying Skollas in the Prison of Elders.

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