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Gaming Graveyard: Sonic R

Sonic the Hedgehog has been in over 150 different games in his 20 years of existence. With this many appearances, it’s expected that some of these titles aren’t necessarily good. While some people complain about recent games like Sonic Riders, and Sonic Boom as bad, there are worse. There is one game that stands out among all the rest. Sonic R was a racing game on the Sega Saturn back in the mid 90s. This game is considered by many critics, and Sonic fanboys in general as the worst Sonic game of all time.

Sonic R contains 10 playable characters total and 5 maps. At the beginning of the game, only 4 characters are unlocked along with 4 maps. The controls are considered a pain in the ass to some, especially Sonic. Unlike most racing games, instead of holding down the A button to accelerate, you would just push up on the D-Pad, which made controlling pretty difficult as your character would slide around. Tails and Knuckles were easier to control since they weren’t as fast, and they could fly.


Soundtrack was received with mixed reactions. Most Sonic fans either loved or hated the music. Most of the songs didn’t go well with the level it was on, with the exception of Regal Ruin. I personally loved the soundtrack as a kid, now that I’m much older; I realized just how cheesy the soundtrack really is.

Unless you are a huge Sonic fan like me, you shouldn’t play this game. Even then they will still find lots to mope and complain about. Hence why it belongs in the Gaming Graveyard.


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