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The Game That Never Was: Mega Man Universe

Back in 2010 Capcom was working on a Mega Man video game that would have been released on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network called Meta Man Universe.

Unveiled at PAX 2010, Mega Man Universe’s first gameplay footage showed three different levels along with some unexpected playable characters. These include Arthur from Ghost n’ Goblins, Ryu from Street Fighter, and even “Bad Box Art Mega Man.”

Later in the year at Tokyo Game Show, a playable demo was available with one of the best ideas for a Mega Man game being unveiled. This was the ability for players to create their own levels and share them online. This would be done by dragging items, enemies, and blocks to different spots. Very similar to what Nintendo did years later with Super Mario Maker.

Another feature that would have been included was the ability to create your own character. Players would mix various body parts similar to Medabots and even match their abilities.

Sadly, in March 2011 Capcom announced that the game was cancelled thanks to the low quality of the game. In an interview with IGN, then senior VP of Capcom America Christian Svensson said:

It was pretty far in production. I will say that we weren’t pleased with where it was, collectively at Capcom as a product from a quality standpoint.

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