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Dying Light Takes Stab at Destiny’s Red Bull Promotion

This morning, Activision announced a new promotion with energy drink Red Bull to give people who purchase a four pack of specially marked cans access to an exclusive quest in the “The Taken King” DLC that comes out in September, and a one-time XP boost that will be available starting July 1.  This evening, Dying Light developer Techland took notice and started a campaign of their own.

Techland referred to their their spoof of the Destiny campaign as “jumping on the latest trend in game marketing” on Twitter Wednesday Night as they announced their parody of the campaign.  As you can see by the image below, Dying Light players can take pictures of themselves drinking a glass of water and tweet it to Techland with the hashtag “#DrinkRightDyingLight” and receive a code for a premium in-game weapon.

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