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DX Racer Chairs: Worth the Hype?

kara in chair

Me in my chair

Since I started doing a lot of gaming on my PC, I have been in dire need of a good chair.  Most of you who have watched my Twitch streams saw the awful chair I had before and knew how desperately I needed a new one, and trust me, it was as uncomfortable as it looked.

While attending PAX South 2016, I was lucky enough to win a DX Racer King Series (OH/KS57/NG) from the EVGA booth.  Remember, I’m a small-statured girl, and body-size makes a huge difference when it comes to this kind of stuff, and DX Racer has different lines of chairs that are better suited for smaller and larger individuals.

DX Racer chairs are known not only for comfort, but for their solid steel frames and aluminum bases that hold up much better than a cheap department store special.  Not to mention, the gas cylinder for height control is a bit more reliable than most.  One thing is clear: this chair is built to last.

Have you ever noticed the butt-print in your chair when you stand up?  Well, the high-density foam in the seat isn’t only extremely comfortable, it makes that butt-print a thing of the past when you stand up. All of the chairs also come with a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow along with fully adjustable armrests with softpad covering for added comfort. For those of you who love to lean back and relax, the backrest can fully recline to a 180 degree angle.

Most people look for comfort and durability when shopping for a chair, and DX Racer chairs definitely fill both of those needs.  But the question still remains:  Are they worth the $400+ cost?  In my opinion, that is a resounding yes.  The sturdy construction puts my mind at ease knowing that the chair isn’t going to break and leave me on the floor in the middle of a match because I jumped or moved too fast, and not to mention they’re incredibly comfortable.

Just remember:  Before taking the leap and buying a chair of your own, do your research and read the shoppers guide on the DX Racer website so you get the right chair for your body type and needs.  Oh, and don’t forget to pick a color that fits the theme of your nerd cave or battle station.

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