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Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Allegedly Held Back Workplace Misconduct Summary

According to sources for The Wall Street Journal, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick allegedly held back a summary of personal actions the company made regarding workplace conduct including sexual harassment allegations. It’s alleged that Activision were set on releasing the summary prior to the holiday season, but Kotick reportedly held them back over fear that it could make the company’s workplace problems seem even larger.

Since the lawsuit filed by California Department of Fair Employment and Housing was made public in July 2021, Activision reportedly received more than 700 complaints of misconduct and other various issues according to The Wall Street Journal sources.

Helaine Klasky, a spokeswoman for Activision, did reveal to WSJ that 37 people have “exited” and 44 have been disciplined as part of the company’s investigation. Kasky did say that this number included those made on social media by current and former employess and also disputed the 700 complains number. Allegations and confirmed incidents that have surfaced publicly include the spread on nude photos, secret cameras hidden in bathrooms, and allegations of hiring an escort,

Since these allegations were made public, several changes have seemingly made public by Activision Blizzard, employees, and the U.S. government. This includes an investigation by the SEC, Shareholders speaking up on much needed changes, and employees moving forward with unionization.

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