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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vice City

Anyone who knows me knows that the Grand Theft Auto series is probably my favorite gaming series I’ve ever played. When people ask me what is my favorite game in the series I usually say Vice City. I’ve played that game so many times that I’ve lost track of how many times I have seen the ending credits. While most people growing up probably just ran around and blew up everything in site (we all did), we probably paid at least some attention to the story. I found it so fascinating as I got older that I wanted to learn more about the characters and the process in creating the game. While you can find some hints if you play GTA3 or San Andreas, there are still some that you really have to do some digging to find out. So I’ve created my own Top 10 list of things that you might not have known about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Some are right in front of you, and some from early development.

  1. In the carport at Sunshine Autos, you will find a map of Vice City. If you zoom in you will realize that it actually looks a tad different. This is because that is actually the map from the Beta. You will notice some small differences, but the 2 big ones are the addition of the Hyman Memorial Stadium, and the layout of Fort Baxter was much larger
  2. Vice City is the only game in the 3D Universe to not have any Trains or Subway system.
  3. There were suppose to be missions involving Pastor Richards, but were all cut from the final game.
  4. During the mission “The Job” you probably noticed that Tommy says a line that talks about just collecting the “SWAT Retirement Fund” and that Kent Paul is in the safehouse. This doesn’t make sense right? This is because of a cut phone call in which Kent tells Tommy about a bank in Vice City that stashes away all the bribe money that the Vice City Police Department has collecting over the years.
  5. Everyone knows about Apartment 3c in which you find the Chainsaw in the bloody bathroom. While most know that this is a reference to a scene in Scarface in which one of Toni Montana’s friends gets chopped up in a bathtub. What you may not also realize is that this was originally suppose to be your Safehouse from the beginning of the game, but was later changed to the Ocean Drive Hotel.
  6. Tommy was suppose to have a biker outfit called “MC Tommy”, but was removed. It was to be located in Howlin’ Petes Biker Emporium right across the street from Mitch Baker’s Bar. Speaking of which, you were actually suppose to be able to go into the Biker Emporium at one point. You can actually move the camera around and see furniture inside.
  7. Several guns were cut the from the such as the AK-47, Silver Cult 1911, Silenced 9mm, and the Pump Action Shotgun.
  8. There was a character named Mr. Moffat who was suppose to have a mission after Tommy obtained all the Assets. This would involve Mr. Moffat calling Tommy from somewhere in the city saying that he escaped the coop again and that they were tracking him down. This would’ve involved you finding him somewhere in the city and taking him to Escabar International Airport.
  9. Mercedes Cortez was to play a much larger role in the game. Many missions involving her were cut from the game and several phone calls were cut as well. The phone calls can actually be found online and were put back into the PC version via a Mod.
  10. If you go to the Vice City port you will see a giant cargo ship named “Chartered Libertine Lines”. This is actually the same boat you blow up in GTA3 during the mission “Bomb Da Base Act 2”


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