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Xenon Valkyrie+ Coming To PS Vita

Cowcat and Diabolical Mind have announced they are bringing their rogue-like platformer Xenon Valkyrie to the PS Vita under the title Xenon Valkyrie+ this Winter via the Playstation Store. The PS Vita version is described as a “revamped version” with “major gameplay improvements, translations, and additions exclusively for the console.”

You can view an overview of the game down below…



Xenon Valkyrie+ is a rogue-lite platformer game with RPG elements in which you must fight to the deepest part of a moon and halt the plans of a wicked witch. Obtain many weapons as you fight through a unique, randomly-generated world every time you play. Encounter many characters, stores and enemies that tell a legendary story. With traditional graphics and high quality chiptune music, level up and get the amazing power of the Xenon Valkyrie!

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Key Features

  • Rogue-lite platformer with a great story
  • RPG elements
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Quality Chiptune music
  • Hard gameplay and Permadeath
  • Three heroes with unique skills
  • 100+ items
  • Multiple bosses and enemies
  • Several endings and secrets
  • Translated in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

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