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Ubisoft Post E3 2016 Wrap Up


Ubisoft’s showcase from E3 has just finished and we have the full rundown of what was just discussed on stage.

Just Dance 2017 was first with a very colorful and odd opening with Queen playing. I have no words for what just happened, but here’s the video below. After the performance Ubisoft did a great job at making a point to mention the mass shooting that happened in Orlando. They announced this game for Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4, Wii U, and the Nintendo NX.

Ghost Recon Wildlands new trailer was shown. Showcasing very incredible graphics and very detailed environments. The game will take place in Bolivia and the cocoa leaf is one of the main points of the game. Where a Mexican Drug Cartel has taken over the country and made it a Narco State. You are the Ghosts that have to take out the cartel and restore order to the country. After explaining a bit about the game there was a video showcasing the gameplay. Ghost Recon Wildlands features four player co-op and releases on 3/7/2017. Check out the two trailers below!

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South Park the Fractured But Whole was up on stage. Trey Parker and Matt Stone were on stage to unveil the gameplay trailer for the game. In the Stick of Truth you become a king but now the kids have changed and are playing a different game now where they are super heroes. Meaning you are back to being nothing again. From there you start up becoming your own superhero. They have improved the combat system from the last game. You can move around as needed now. You can push and pull enemies. Anyone who gets the Fractured But Whole gets a free copy of the Stick of Truth on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The release date is December 6th. Check out the two trailers below!

The Division has stepped up to the plate now to show off what’s coming up next for the game. The Underground Expansion is coming and will feature players running through the subways of New York. Underground Expansion is coming to Xbox One and PC on June 28th but Playstation 4 is coming August 2nd. They are giving away three outfits, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon for free when the Expansion hits. Next up was the new Expansion called Survival. In Survival you will fight to stay alive by finding food, water, and warmth. Check out the two trailers below!

Eagle Flight is Ubisoft’s VR game being showed off. It’s a competitive PVP to score the rabbit in your nest. Very interesting concept.

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Star Trek Bridge Crew is a VR game that Ubisoft is working with Red Storm to make. Check out the trailer below!

For Honor started by showing a cinematic trailer. From there they showcased the campaign a bit with a live gameplay demo showing Viking raiders up against the Samurais. The game will release on February 14th on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.Click Here to sign up for the next Alpha. Check out the gameplay demo blow.

Ubisoft then showed off a game called Grow Up which features a little red robot named Bud. Check out the trailer below

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Trials and Blood Dragon had a baby called Trials of the Blood Dragon which is literally a mix of both games. The game will be released as soon as the conference is over on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the trailer below!

Assassin’s Creed movie is up on stage to discuss what we can expect from the movie and a new trailer! The movie hits theatres on 12/21/2016. Check out the trailer below.

Watch Dogs 2 has interrupted the press conference for an actual gameplay experience. Watch Dogs 2 seems to be entirely revamped from the first one. Much more open and allowing more freedom. The graphics have been much improved. Sony is going to be producing a new Watch Dogs film similar to how the Assassin’s Creed movie is going. They will be using Regency just like in the Assassin’s Creed game. Sony will be getting DLC 30 days ahead of Xbox and PC gamers. Watch Dogs 2 will be arriving in November of 2016. Check out the gameplay video below!

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There is a new open world action sports game coming from Ubisoft called Steep being all about winter sports. They showed of a cinematic trailer to open but then an actual gameplay demo. to join Beta. The game will release in December.

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