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Twitch Abandoning Flash For HTML5?

A Twitch staff member made a post on Reddit that indicates that Twitch TV is slowly transitioning from Flash to HTML5. According to the staff member, Twitch has been testing HTML5 video playback have been going on for the past few months and is working very well. The challenge they are facing is that pretty much everything uses Flash which requires them to port everything one-by-one into HTML/Javascript. Another big issue is that older versions of Safari and Internet Explorer is that browser support for MediaSource Extension is not fully available. Below is a quote from the staff member…

“So, we decided to split the HTML5 player into two releases: 1) move the UI into HTML/JS and 2) move the video into HTML/JS,” the staff member explained. “The new player UI is pretty swanky and we’ll start rolling it out to users in a few weeks. You’ll notice the new HTML interface immediately but the underlying video player will still be Flash.”


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