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Tomb Raider: Legend World Record Broken

Tomb Raider is a popular series in the speedrunning community and it’s no surprise that a game like Tomb Raider: Legend work have one as well. Although small compared to others, it is slowly growing due to glitches that make the game beatable in under 1 hour.

A player who goes by the name Sakiko has just set the world record of Tomb Raider: Legend under the any% category. Sakiko did it with an in-game time of 39 minutes 04 seconds. This shatters the previous record held by TimmyAkmed and his time of 42 minutes 11 seconds. For those interested, there are still 2 categories that exist that haven’t had a posted time in them yet. These 2 categories are 100% and 100% Segmented.

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