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The Game That Never Was: OutSider

This latest entry in our The Game That Never Was series is something that was just recently discovered that was previously known by a select few of even existing. Back in the 1990s Japanese studio Climax Entertainment and rumored Hudson Soft were developing an “open city” motorbike racing game for the Nintendo 64 titled OutSider. This game would have seen the player be able to free ride around a city, escaping from chases by unknown people, and several missions.

The game was planned for release in 1996, but never got to that point. While it’s currently unknown the reason why, some believe it was due to the game not being fun. Others believe that it was due to another game that the company developed called Runabout (Felony 11-79 outside of Japan).

So how was this game discovered? It was due to a former developer who worked on the game published some photos on their Twitter account.

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