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Tetsuya Nomura Reveals More Information on Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Tetsuya Nomura recently sat down with Famitsu magazine in Japan to discuss the progress of the game. During the last interview, he stated that the company was having trouble deciding which worlds should be included and if they were going to include a world based on Frozen or not. While we still don’t know if Elsa will be making an appearance, they are adding new worlds such as one based off Tangled as seen in the E3 trailer. Below are the interview details…

  • Kingdom Hearts III’s battle system won’t be like Birth by Sleep’s deck commands, but it will be more on the traditional side with commands like “fight” and “magic”.
  • With free run being implemented in the game, Sora’s mobility will be different. He’ll be able to go over most things by simply jumping and running, and will also get to run up walls.
  • Besides Olympus, most of Kingdom Hearts III’s worlds will be new, like the Tangled world that was shown during E3.
  • As Nomura previously stated, Kingdom Hearts III will conclude Xehanort’s story, but the Kingdom Hearts series won’t end. (Kingdom Hearts III will conclude the “Dark Seeker” part of the series, to be precise.) Square Enix have already decided on what to do with the characters that fans care about, and they going to avoid doing things that may be disappointing.
  • Square Enix have already decided on a release window, but can’t reveal it yet. More details will be revealed during the D23 Expo fan event that takes place on November 3rd.
  • Kingdom Hearts III’s development is going smoothly. They’re currently thinking about secret movies and what to have at the end.

Those who are living in Japan can pick up the issue of Famitsu that this is featured in right now. Additional information and possibly a new trailer is rumored to appear at D23 Expo in November.  Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently in development for Xbox One and PS4.

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