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Tangledeep Receives 1.50z Hotfix

Impact Gameworks and Doyoyo Games have released a hotfix for their popular RPG Tangledeep. This update fixes issues involving clicking to move, keyboard mapping, and adding Chinese localization.

Tangledeep is available for Switch, PC, Linux, and Mac. You can view the full patch notes down below:


  • Controller / keyboard mappings should save & restore properly now
  • Quite a few attempted fixes for pets disappearing on their (or your) defeat, including fixes to corrupt 1.50+ save data
  • Fixed incorrectly labeled elemental Damage/Defense columns on the character sheet
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Beastlake Park should now always be enabled and accessible after defeating the Frog Dragon


  • Game will attempt to start in Chinese if the system language is set to Chinese
  • Added Chinese localization for the display settings at the startup screen
  • Fixed broken ‘please restart app’ Chinese text when switching languages


  • Clicking to move now produces less jittery, smoother, and faster move animations.

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