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Stranger of Sword City 2 In Development


During a recent Q&A on Twitter, Stranger of Sword City Direct Motoya Ataka revealed that Experience is planning on developing a sequel to Stranger of Sword City.

Below is a brief overview provided by Gematsu…

Stranger of Sword City 2

  • Stranger of Sword City 2 is in planning and will feature artwork by Yoko Tsukamoto. (Tweet) Nothing has been set in stone regarding its release in the west. (Tweet)

Motoya Ataka

  • Ataka would like to make a horror game. (Tweet)
  • Wizardry V is Ataka’s favorite entry in the series. (Tweet)

Things Experience is Currently Not Planning

  • PlayStation 4 development. (Tweet) The current focus is PS Vita and Xbox One, but other platforms are “being looked at.” (Tweet)
  • High-graphics 3D games. (Tweet)
  • Games with 3D character models. (Tweet)
  • Fighting game development. (Tweet)
  • Importing custom portraits into the PS Vita version of Stranger of Sword City. (Tweet)

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