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Star Wars Battlefront To Not Support Splitscreen

A new FAQ has been released for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game and it seems like some PC players are quite upset. One feature that some were looking forward to was the support for splitscreen will not be featured in all PC versions, but will still be available for Xbox One and PS4. This will also apply to the Missions Mode online and offline.

In addition, Community Manager Mathew Everett did a small Q&A and revealed that the Y-Wing will not by flyable and will only be used by the AI when you call them in for support. Plus while you will earn credit rewards during Mission Mode, it will not contribute to your multiplayer progression at all. Below is the Full Q&A…


Q. How do vehicles spawn in Walker Assault?
A: In Walker Assault, vehicles are tied to the power up system. When you find a vehicle power up on the map, you will need to activate it, which immediately spawns you inside the vehicle.
Vehicle power ups specifically must be used within a certain amount of time. This is a design decision to allow more equal distribution of the vehicle power ups amongst all players.
Q. Can I fly the Y-wing?
A: Y-wings are non-player controlled vehicles.  They are a support vehicle that you can call into battle within certain game modes.
Q. Is Split-screen available on PC?
A: Split-screen will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.
Q. Does experience within Missions apply to Multiplayer progression?
A: Playing Missions does not grant you multiplayer career experience, but it does provide you with credit rewards you can spend on buying unlocks.

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