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Square-Enix Explains New Approach To Hitman

In a recent interview with MCV, Head of Square-Enix US and Europe Phil Rogers released a bit more details about the production of their upcoming Hitman. The hot topic that was discussed was the company’s decision to have it played in episodic fashion like Tales of the Borderlands. Rogers said the reason was for developer IO Interactive to have a more creative end product. Stating..

“We are dev-centric. When you are in the final months of development, that’s when some devs have their most creative ideas. It’s then that they understand the tool chain, how to create great content… really they are at their peak. With Hitman Absolution IO realized its creativity was peaking and that it could continue to deliver more content. That seeded the idea that, with the next Hitman, it could have an ever-evolving, ever-deepening world.”

MCV also said that they felt like Square-Enix is constantly restructuring to which Phil Rogers replied..

“I don’t fell like we are constantly restructuring. We are always looking at our business and working out how to best organise stuff. The industry changes and one of the big things over the last couple of the years has been the European team working hand-in-hand with the American team, and since March this year we’ve had them working officially across LA and London. So there have been some changes there, but we do that to make our business better and so we can invest in different areas. We want to always improve by changing and it is what we have to constantly do.”

Hitman will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC digital only on December 8.

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