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Review: Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

People around the world have fallen in love with the Car Mechanic Simulator games and after some last-minute delays, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has been released.

Before we actually start with the review I need to let readers aware that when the game finishes installing, Vsync is automatically turned on in the video settings. When I first tried playing the game it instantly became extremely laggy and had to go back and turn Vsync off. If you experience that issue, then that might be what is causing it. Then again I am using a laptop with a GeForce 940MX for this review and you might not experience this issue if you have a higher end GPU. It’s also worth noting that the review may not be as well detailed and as long as others, but there is a valid reason for that.

As soon as you enter the game you will notice that you are now in a giant underground garage with the ability to do way more things than its predecessor. For one you now have the option to do more interior-based modifications and the ability to detail your interior. The best thing that I have noticed so far is the oil changes. Instead of having to manually move the oil drain, you can click on it and it will automatically align it where it needs to go. This is great as I felt it could be difficult at times to know if you had placed it in the proper spot or not.


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Unfortunately, that is all the good things I can say about this game. Many have already voiced their complaints about it not being optimized and even with the issue of Vsync turned off, I’m still having lag issues, especially with the mouse. Other major bugs include being forced to exit out of what I’m doing because the button will not work. When overhauling a car, I’ve had issues selling an old Brake Drum as when I try to sell the part, it just doesn’t work. It just stays in my inventory even after exiting and trying again. Hell, I don’t even have the option of doing small projects on other cars at the beginning of the game, so I’ve just had to sell one of the already completed cars you receive at the beginning, and start working on a project car.


At this time I unfortunately have to say that I cannot recommend this game. I feel the game could be great once some of these major issues are fixed, but the company is not off to a good start at all. Playway did release a statement that said “There will be optiumalisation (sic) patches soon, Sorry”, but this is not good enough. If you knew there were issues why didn’t you just delay the game for a set period instead of not just give it quiet, last-minute delays and blame it all on Steam? I actually feel bad that I’ve only managed to put 70 minutes total into the game so far, but when you have so many issues that you can’t complete one vehicle, it’s hard not to voice my opinion.

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