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R8 Games Building Wipeout Killer?


R8Games, a studio made up of former members of the famous Wipeout series, revealed that they are working on their own AG racing game that will rival Wipeout called Formula Fusion. A trailer was uploaded to YouTube and was posted on the Wipeout Zone forums by an anonymous member of R8Games. While the game will more than likely come out no matter what, there is a possibility that the game could be picked up by a major publisher and not just released as an Indie title. Below is what he had to say regarding the trailer…


“It was actually created (in a few months I might add) to stir things up with publishers, to generate interest and also to provide funding opportunities—in the same way a ‘pilot’ may be used for films with investors,” MrFisty wrote. “It is a ‘Huge’ project and not one that we can do without help—so we are being brave and aiming high.”


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He later went on to add “Things have changed in the games industry now. ‘Very few’ publishers actually believe in AG Racing as a valid next gen genre—so we are trying to convince people of the ‘potential’, and to set up a studio staffed with other ex-Wipeout devs, (with some new Wipeout dev talent of course) to hopefully carry the torch again. But this time being much more open with the community.”

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