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POSTAL: Brain Damage Receives First Post-Launch Update

CreativeForge Games and Hyperstrange have released a new update for their popular epic shooting game POSTAL: Brain Damage. This update fixes several saving issues, glitchees, and updated the Unity game engine version.

POSTAL: Brain Damage is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Linux, and PC. You can view the full changelog down below:


  • Fixed second boss saving issues
  • Fixed end boss saving issues
  • Quicksaves are saved on disk upon saving, instead of when quitting the game
  • Cutscenes force vsync for their duration, should fix screen tearing
  • Final boss overlapping audio fixed
  • Added “-novideo” launch option, might help with game crashing in certain instances
  • The prison showers in “Bareback redemption” shouldn’t block progress now
  • Suburbia leaderboard exploit fixed
  • Sniffing in the vip zone aquarium breaking blocker fixed
  • Sniffing in the vip zone blue key killplane added
  • Fixed quick pills effect persisting through scene changes
  • Ragdoll and physical object saving should not cause performance issues anymore
  • Penterator moaning can be adjusted in audio settings now
  • ammo capacity increased for all weapons, should make ammo management easier for now. The issue will be addressed properly in the balancing update
  • ambient stopping aftewr player death fixed
  • fixed leocalisation of move left and move right in control settings
  • achievement description fixed (GYMCEL, TAKE THE BLUE PILL, DOUBLE THE EXCITEMENT)
  • added default controller template for steam
  • fixed weapon wheel time slowdown persisting between scenes
  • fixed kill plane/reset level exploit
  • combat music condition checking fixed, should be way more consistent now
  • added optional dynamic combat music, you can set number of hostiles that trigger combat music in audio settings (0 disables dynamic combat music)
  • all beam attacks have their audio moved to end point, you can actually hear the beams now
  • Unity engine version updated


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