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Nvidia SLI Broken In Windows 10?

An Nvidia customer known as Ozy311 has been posting on both the EVGA and GeForce forums reporting that SLI is broken in Windows 10. He said that he was getting a DirectX function error when he enables NVSurround.

Ozy311 writes…

“When I enable NVSurround, the screens freeze during the reorder step and then I have to reboot. I then have to go in and fix the SLI issue and then can play. After about 10 minutes BF4 crashes. So I disabled NVSurround and tried it with one screen only. Same lock in about 10 minutes. I pulled every peripheral off my computer and tried again. Yet another lock. I disabled SLI and it did not lock anymore.”

He even posted the screenshot to show proof…


Others have also come forth and have said they have experienced this issue. One even came forward and said that Nvidia is aware of the issue and are working to fix it.

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