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Nvidia Announces M4000 and M5000 Graphics Cards

Nvidia announced today they will be adding 2 more graphics card to their Quadro series. The names of these GPUs are the M4000 and M5000. These will be replacing the Quadro K4200 and K5200 graphics cards.


The M4000 will be a single-slot GPU with 1,664 CUDA cores with 8GB of DDR5 memory. It’s clocked at 6,000MHz at 192GB/s of bandwidth. It also includes a boost clockspeed of around 780MHz and 120W TDP.

The M5000 will be double-slot with 2,048 CUDA cores with 8GB of DDR5 memory. It will also be running 6,600MHz for 211GB/s of memory bandwidth. Boost clockspeed will be around 1,050MHz.

Nvidia has yet to announce a price or an official release date.

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