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New Destiny Merch May Reveal New Subclasses

Destiny 2 gameplay reveal is only a few days away on May 18, but we are starting to see hints into what could be the new subclasses for Destiny 2. Gamestop has shown three new hats each bringing similar images back for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes. Destiny 2 has been Bungie’s worst kept secret and leaks have been everywhere. Last year several concept art images teasing what looked to be Solar Subclasses for each class was leaked online. Let’s take a look at these original leaked concept art.

Here we have what looks to be a Hunter Subclass.

A Titan Subclass holding a shield.

A Warlock Subclass showing bird like wings.

These being shown in an almost fire like glow leads me to believe we may be looking at solar subclasses. One of these images shows a Warlock with bird like wings behind it. Take a look at the hats below and pay attention to the Warlock one in particular.

The Warlock hat showing a bird.

A Titan Hat showing a Griffon like animal.

The Hunter Hat showing a snake.

The hats clearly show which class they belong to and each one having their own animal symbol. The Warlock hat and concept art seem to be linked here in both having a bird like appearance. Could this mean that we are going to see a connection of subclass elements with animals in some manner? We can only get a clear answer after Bungie shows us more information of course but I would say it would be highly possible at this point. Especially since we will be losing our connection to the Traveler or at least to Light from what has been shown.

Be sure to check out Bungie’s Twitch account May 18th here and you can pick up one of these hats for $19.99 from Gamestop’s site here

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