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Major Issues With Dragon Quest X?

Dragon Quest X has finally been released in Japan and it seems that many players who purchased the game for 3DS are having some major issues. As of right now, the game has a rating of 1.5 stars on Amazon Japan with many of the same issues being commented on. For one, when you buy the game at a store, you don’t actually receive a cartridge, you get a code instead. Instead of the game downloading directly to your handheld, it is only playable via cloud-streaming. This has caused many players to have trouble with login errors and random disconnections.


It’s also noted that players have had problems with many other things including sound problems, constant maintenance periods, and font being really small on screen. All of these issues are on the 3DS version and not on the other systems the game is also available on.


Square-Enix have yet to issue a statement on the issues, but have halted shipments on the game. Expect the company to do something very fast.

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