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Lords of Xulima Adds Ironman Mode

Numanitarian Games have released a new Ironman Mode as part of their Steam Early Access experience for their upcoming RPG Lords of Xulima. The rules for Ironman Mode are as follows…


  • With this special mode, the player can only be save the game in the towns.
  • The rest of the rules are the same as the Hardcore mode, except the score, which is 300% of the normal score (Hardcore mode 200%).
  • We have changed the score range system so the Ironman players can reach special positions in the score rank.

So what exactly is Lords of Xulima? The description on their official Steam page says


“Lords of Xulima is a challenging Role-playing game set on the mythical continent of Xulima, where Gods and humans once walked side by side. Experience a genuine RPG featuring over 100 hours of gameplay, and discover one of the most epic sagas ever told.”


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The full game is set to be released on Steam November 10 for $16.99

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