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Loads of Details Release For Attack On Titan Game

Hirashi Koinuma, Producer of the upcoming Attack on Titan game, recently sat down and did an interview with Dengeki in Japan. Koinuma discussed the Attack on Titan game released several new details about the game.

Below are the key details…


  • The project started around the end of 2013 and in January, February of 2014.


  • It’ll have action elements that involve “cooperation with allies” and “sacrificing allies,” making it different than a hunting-style game.


  • It has opinions and feedback from series creator Hajime Isayama.


  • The game is being made to follow along the original story.


  • The Attack on Titan game is being made in a way where players will get to freely move around in the world. Rather than defeating an enemy and moving along in the story, the base is action game, but one that will allow you to understand the story in the midst of the action.


  • It will start out at the beginning of the Attack on Titan’s original story.


  • Koinuma started out with the planning on his own but things changed in April (after he was promoted to director, and also announced as the executive vice president of Koei Tecmo,) and it had become difficult for him to be involved on the project. However, instead of dropping his involvement on the project altogether, he’s been supervising the game’s direction. Keep in mind that he’s also been busy as the president of Gust since their acquisition.


  • The game is in development with the PlayStation 4 as a base. Up until now, it was always PlayStation 3 as the base with the PlayStation 4 getting a nicer brushed up version, and the Vita with a PS3 version that can be played on a handheld, but this time, it’ll be PlayStation 4 as the main.


  • They’ve remade the action part of the game three times already through trial and error. The other parts like the story, extra elements, and game system parts have been going well, and Koei Tecmo aim to release it sometime this winter.


  • The most important part is the feeling you get from using the series’ 3D Maneuver Gear, while using its wires to take on the Titans. This is something they’re especially putting their focus on.


  • It still remains a secret whether the player will take on the role of Eren Jaeger.


  • Basic controls and taking down Titans can be done by just about anyone, but in order to take them down swiftly, you’ll need to put in some smooth moves as part of the game’s action, so it sounds like you’ll get to take down Titans like Levi once you get good enough.

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