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L.A. Noire World Record Broken

Whenever you think of games developed by Rockstar Games most instantly think of the Grand Theft Auto series. Once in a while you hear somebody mention May Payne or even Midnight Club, but it seems like most have forgotten about a little detective game back in 2011 called L.A. Noire.

Earlier today a Norwegian player by the name of SeductiveSpatula broke the Any% World Record for L.A. Noire with a time of 4 hours 55 minutes 52 seconds. This breaks the previous world record held by America’s own Lazerlong by almost 45 minutes.

The categories for Speedrunning L.A. Noire are Any% and 5stars% which is currently empty. So for those who own a copy of the game and wish to add your name to the records books, go right on ahead.

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