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Irrational Games Rebranded As Ghost Story Games

Take-Two Interactive have announced that Irrational Games has been rebranded and is now going under the name Ghost Story Games. Ghost Story Games was founded by 12 former developers of Irrational Games.

You can view all the confirmed developers at Ghost Story Games down below..

  • Ken Levine, President, Creative Director
  • Don Roy, Executive Director: Production
  • Jesse Kearns, Director: Business and Marketing
  • Shawn Robertson, Art Director
  • Andres Gonzalez, Lead Game Designer
  • Erik Irland, Lead Programmer
  • Mike Snight, Lead Level Builder
  • Jeremy Carson, Technical Lead
  • Kyle Williams, Lead Narrative Scripter
  • Drew Mitchell, Associate Narrative Designer
  • Chad King, Lead Modeler
  • Jennie Morse, Associate Producer I
  • Ryan Sitchel, IT Manager
  • Shannon Connolly, Office Coordinator
  • Jerry Berlongieri, Audio Director
  • Jason Shafiee, Brand and Community Manager
  • Giovanni Pasteris, Sr. AI Programmer
  • Guy Walshe, UI Artist
  • Phil Fogerite, Systems Designer
  • Mark Carbonneau, QA Manager
  • Emma Clarkson, Associate Producer
  • Seth Kendall, Senior Animator
  • Oleg Brodskiy, QA Tester
  • Tim Hagberg, Sr. Tools and Automation Programmer
  • Tom Brown, QA Tester

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