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Interview: Nolan North Talks Voice Acting, Deadpool, Uncharted, And Destiny

Normally we write a giant introduction for everyone we have the honor of interviewing. This one will be a little different because we’re pretty sure you already know who this is. While attending Dallas Fan Expo 2017, we happened to run into the legendary Nolan North and got to discuss everything voice acting, Destiny, and of course Uncharted.

Gaming Conviction: How did you get into voice acting?
Nolan North: Process of elimination. I was doing TV and then a show that I was on got cancelled. Some people recommended that with all the silly voice I did in between takes that I get an agent. I did and the rest is kinda history.

GC: Who were some of your inspirations in the voice acting world?
NN: Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen. I was a big fan of Mel Blanc growing up with Loony Tunes. I never really thought this was something that I would really get to do for a living. I literally get paid to do what I got detention for in school. It’s really crazy!

GC: Was there something early on that clicked where you realized that you could do this for a living?
NN: They just kept hiring me! They just kept hiring me again, over and over until it became a thing.

GC: You’ve been the voice for many amazing characters, which was your favorite?
NN: Probably Nathan Drake. Not only is it voice over, but it’s motion capture. It’s much like the theater I started at in New York. I would also have to say that Deadpool would be up there. In that game specifically we went from regular Deadpool voice, to more mature, then immature, all in a very manic kind of way. That was very fun to do.

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GC: How do you come up with a voice for a character? Are there any tips you may have for an aspiring voice actor?
NN: I just try to see animation. I try to pick out animation. If they show me a picture I try to find a voice through that.

As far as my advice it would be to look at different pictures and what your voice would be. Even if it’s just someone walking down the street. Also just ad lib and make up things.

GC: In Destiny you were the Ghost, how has the community embraced you taking on that role?
NN: It’s been very positive. I love the game and play the game. I’m very invested in the game as my son is such a big fan. Everyone has been really positive and I hope to do it for years to come.

GC: Since you’ve already been confirmed for the Ghost, what kind of story can we expect in Destiny 2?
NN: I have no idea.

GC: Are there any roles you would want to do, but haven’t had the chance to?
NN: No. I’m a big fan of the roles that my friends have done. The great thing about this community is that we’re all fans of each other. So I really don’t covenant anyone else’s role. I really just enjoy creating new characters and more original stuff.

GC: Looking back on the Uncharted Series did you ever expect that series and the character Drake to become that big of a hit?
NN: No. Nobody can detect that kind of level of success. It’s been a real blessing. It’s bitter-sweet to see it go, but it has been a great ride.

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GC: Do you have any personal favorite moments or favorite lines of your career?
NN: There are far to many, but when Kenny got wet in Uncharted is up there. The story is up on YouTube where my son had done it.

GC: Do you ever go back and look at your facial reactions you make while voice acting and get embarrassed by them?
NN: Honestly, I never do because I’m constantly embarrassing myself so it never bothers me.

GC: Have you ever cosplayed as one of the roles you have taken on?
NN: I can honestly say I never have, but I do enjoy looking at the other cosplayers. I’ve thought about doing Deadpool before, but every time I see someone in a Deadpool costume they always look very hot. So I figured ‘Nope! I’m out!’

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