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Hideo Kojima Provides More Details Regarding Death Stranding


During the YouTube Live broadcast, Hideo Kojima sat down with Geoff Keighley and discussed his new game Death Stranding. Below are some of the highlights…

  • Kojima-san still hasn’t picked an engine for the game, but there are a couple of candidates.
  • Guillermo Del Toro is not involved in the game for now.
  • The mascot “Ludens” isn’t involved with the game.
  • The game will have a lot of action elements.
  • After a few hours of playing, players will realize that Death Stranding is a completely different game from what they have played before.
  • The setting is a secret.
  • Kojima-san wants people to speculate on what they saw in the trailer.
  • The main character’s name is still a secret.
  • It will take some time before we’re able to play the game.
  • Kojima-san explained the meaning of the title: You talk about “mass stranding” when there are a lot of whales or dolphins stranded on the beach. It’s called “live stranding” when they’re alive, and “dead stranding” when they’re dead. The meaning of the title is that something came from “some world” and is stranded.

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