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Gale Force Drops Fury Due To Issues With Girlfriend


In one of the more crazy yet interesting things we have published in some time, Heroes of the Storm e-sports team Gale Force have decided to drop Manny “Fury” Medina from the team due to issues with his girlfriend.

Medina released this statement…

“TLDR the reason I was kicked was because the team felt my girlfriend was too much of an “issue” for the rest of the team. I’m not in the mood to talk much about details but I feel like this was complete bullshit to kick me off the team. I perform so well for tournaments and I even give all my effort into scrims and when I’m not practicing with the team I still continue playing Heroes. Not once has my gf been an issue or a distraction to my performance or the way I play so this feels really shady to kick me because of her when I still perform the best while being in a relationship.”

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