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Final Days Now On Steam Greenlight


+7 Software have announced their multiplayer shooter Final Days is now on Steam Greenlight. Final Days is shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world with inspirations from Grand Theft Auto, Gauntlet, Alien Breed, and Smash TV.

Final Days demo can be downloaded for free at the link provided and includes the following features..

  • Enjoy intense multiplayer sessions with as many friends as you can muster (e.g. A typical DSL connection with 1Mbps upload should be able to support up to 12 players)
  • Control the action using either a twin-stick controller or keyboard & mouse
  • Feel the tension as the realistic field of view forces you to check your surroundings
  • Locate threats using your “sonar radar” which visualises where sounds are coming from
  • Test your skill with a unique aiming mechanism which varies accuracy (e.g. Running will reduce your accuracy)
  • Explore procedurally generated and hand-crafted environments
  • Think on your feet as the hordes (and sometimes other players) destroy the environment
  • Destroy the mutant hordes with 5 different ammo types and explosives
  • Use your shove attack to help get you out of those tight situations
  • Enjoy awesome tunes by The Groove Foundry
  • Experience a foreboding atmosphere created by effects such as dynamic lighting and pseudo-3D sound effects

+7 Software have also released a new alpha trailer to celebrate their addition to Steam Greenlight.

Final Days will be released some time this year.

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