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Eiyuu Senki Released In North America


Fruitbat Factory and Tenco have finally released their new game Eiyuu Senki-The World Conquest in North America. The game features over 70 characters designed by famed artist Oyari Ashito and was previously only available in Japan on the Playstation 3.

Jakke Elonen, Project Lead of Eiyuu Senki, released this statement regarding the release…

“Our motto has always been to make every release the best it can be. In this case, the key points for that purpose have been retaining the original Japanese voices, adding a way to display combat voices in text, and publishing the game without censoring any of the content during the localisation. Eiyuu Senki’s arrival to North America is the culmination of a close to two year long journey, and we hope fans across the world will enjoy it.”

The game is available digitally through the Playstation 3 Network and requires you to have a PSN account.

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