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EA Press Conference from E3 2016


EA has just wrapped up their press conference from E3 and we have the run down of everything that was announced all wrapped nicely into one article.

Titanfall 2 is the first one up where EA showed off a trailer. This will have 6 new titans with their own unique combat abilities, expanded combat gameplay. Single player is coming this time with a full cinematic experience. The trailer for the campaign and multiplayer looked interesting and can be found below. You can sign up for the Multiplayer Technical Test which is going to happen prior to release here Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 28th.

Next up was Madden 17 showcasing improved graphics and a better commentary. Didn’t really focus that hard on the game given that a good bit has already been announced. Instead EA is talking about ESports about how they will work to expand the events into something larger and an easier way to grow the scene and community. There will be three new leagues built by EA, those three are Premier, Challenge, and Major. They didn’t discuss too much from there unfortunately about these new leagues. Madden 17 Championship Series will offer $1 Million for the winner. Check out the Madden 17 trailer below.

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Mass Effect Andromeda will be venturing out into the Andromeda galaxy. New species, new technology, new cast, will all be running on the Frostbite engine. The developers showed off a behind the scenes trailer that showed some very impressive cinematics. You can find the trailer below. More will be shown this Fall about this upcoming release.

EA is introducing a charity tournament that they will donate all the proceeds to their partnered charities and also will allow gamers to win big prizes as well. This led into the Fifa 17 announcement. They are showing off an in depth story mode with cinematics. The story mode is called The Journey and will allow players to have their own experience as a pre made character. There will be three soccer managers rendered very well in the game. They have overhauled a majority of the game to provide a much better AI experience. You can check out the trailer below.

Fe is being shown now. A new game from EA Originals which is a part of EA that wants to put games back into the developers hands much deeper. Fe looks like an incredible exploration game with great art style. The developer said the game will not hold your hand and will allow you to venture out and explore this world on your own. Check out the trailer below.

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Star Wars is going to have a lot of updates that includes content from the new movies. EA didn’t discuss what games would be getting the content. This led into the discussion of the new games coming from EA in the Star Wars universe. They company is all in with Star Wars, using most of their development studios to make new Star Wars games. Visceral, Respawn, Motive, Dice, Bioware, and more. Lucasfilms is also allowing a lot of access to EA and it’s developers to produce these upcoming games. Visceral will have a new Star Wars game in 2018 which will feature new characters in a new universe. Respawn will have a 3rd person game within the universe coming, no other information was given for this upcoming release. Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look that was showed off at the press conference today.

EA ends their conference showing off Battlefield 1. You will have battles with 64 players total meaning 32vs32 teams. Dynamic weather and very destructible environments. There will be new Behemoth vehicles which include air ships, armor trains, battleships adding a massive new element to fights.

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