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E-Mail Spam Now At 12-Year Low

A June 2015 Intelligence Report done by Symantec has revealed that the amount of Spam people are getting in their e-mails are going down. The rate of Spam for all e-mails is now 49.7%. This is the first time since 2003 that the number has been below 50%. Symantec said…

“Phishing rates and email-based malware were also down this month. However, there were 57.6 million new malware variants created in June, up from 44.5 million pieces of malware created in May and 29.2 million in April. This increase in activity lends more evidence to the idea that, with the continued drops in email-based malicious activity, attackers are simply moving to other areas of the threat landscape.”

Of course this is always great news as many Spam carry major issues such as Malware. That number is expecting to go down now that Google Mail is able to rid of 99.9% of all e-mail spam according to Google themselves and are working to further rid the world of it.

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