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Digimon World: Next Order Announced



In the latest issue of V-Jump Magazine, Bandai Namco announce that a new Digimon game is in development. This new game will be called Digimon World: Next Order and will be released on PS Vita. Below are some of the details we know at this time…

Takuto: A senior at high school who is at the end of his club activities. A love of Digimon from a young age, as a 5th grader he became the runner-up of a Japanese Digimon game competition.


Agumon: A low level Digimon. His special attack is known as “Heavy Flame” (a flame attack shot from his mouth.)

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Gabumon: A low level Digimon that grows out his fur and becomes Garurumon.
Digimon World: Next Order is stated to be released some time in 2016 in Japan.

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