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Destiny Taken King New Screenshots

Today Bungie has brought us a new trailer for Destiny the Taken King and I took a few screenshots to really capture what all was included in this video which you can check out here. The Taken King of course is Destiny’s Year Two content which will be pitting the Guardians against Oryx which is a Hive Lord so to speak born out of the Darkness. Let’s get to the screenshots and then discuss what each shows.


New animated cut-scenes will be included with a story-line that you can follow easier. I am excited to see what Bungie has in store and what kind of interactions we can see between the Vanguard leaders as the trailer showed them discussing Oryx.


Here we see a Fireteam within a cut-scene, they were actually being talked to by the Hunter Vanguard seen above. As you can see in the picture there are a lot of new gear coming. You will be able to pledge your allegiance to a faction so that you don’t have to wear their gear, but looking at those three, I do believe you will be wearing their stuff more often.


Another screenshot showing off an up close look of their helmets, this one caught my eye because of the Hunter in front. His Future War Cult helmet showed FWC flashing across the screen with the light. Something that looked incredible in the video.


Here’s a look at a Future War Cult ship, as you can see some people will be very dedicated to the factions.

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This is the new Bounty and Quests screen from which you can turn in your bounties while out fighting enemies to get instant XP while fighting. I like that because if someone needs a small boost to the next level now while on the Drednaught they can turn in a bounty and level up. Especially since light level is an average of your attack and defense now instead of your actual level. Meaning your level is strictly based on XP. I won’t jump into what the quests could mean because I could be entirely wrong on them so we will let you wonder about them.


This screenshot shows that new light level, as it says it is an average of your attack and defense. Now, there are also talks of gear that will add a Void Armor meaning Void Damage effects you less. So, you can blast through the Vex a little easier, so I expect to see other variants of that with the other burns as well included. You can see the new Voidwalker emblem above as well as the Year One Thorn being used. I am curious to see how Bungie lets us use the Year One Exotics into Year Two considering they have claimed Legendary Gear from Year One will be left behind. The new gear shown off above looks interesting, the new ghost shell is exciting to see. I’m not sure what the bottom right red orb is, if you have an idea please feel free to leave a comment to let us know!


This is a new screen for Exotics, from the way it looks we may never lose our exotics now if we delete one by accident. We just open this up and we get another one hopefully. It also looks like it shows you how many more you have until you collect them all. It’s like an Exotic Weapon Pokedex almost.


I wanted to share this with you just to share some of the other new features coming.


Also, looks like we will be having a Twitch Reveal tomorrow morning so be sure to check into that for more news!

This definitely shed a lot of light on the new Taken King Expansion to Destiny and I will be trying to keep up with as much of the news as possible as I myself am very excited for this. Leave some comments below so we can discuss this new Expansion!

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