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Destiny: Rise of Iron Poster Leaks


We are about a month away from E3 and the dam has sprung a leak. This leak is pretty severe and Bungie is the little Dutch Boy trying to hold back all the information it can. An image recently surfaced from a Reddit user of Lord Saladin holding a flaming two handed battle axe in front of a flaming gap in the Wall that surrounds the city along with wolves circling him. This has caused quite a stir within the Destiny community. Many believing this could be a cut raid from House of Wolves but Kotaku writer Jason Schreier put an end to that stating: “I originally reported that the new raid is based on the one that was cut from House of Wolves, but this morning a source reached out to say that was incorrect, and that development on the new raid had actually started from scratch last summer. I apologize for the error.” With that being said this is still leaving more questions to be answered meaning Reddit is filled with theories. Many stating that this could be a release focused on a story around the Iron Banner. Most of the theories can be found here.

Bungie was originally going to release Destiny 2 this fall but according to Kotaku’s sources this will not be the case. There has been a “reboot” due to some shuffling among the staff. One major change cited was Luke Smith has taken over the lead directing roll for Destiny 2. Considering that he was the design lead for Taken King and it worked out quite well this could mean a smart move. Given that Destiny 2 should be an improvement off of where Taken King has left the original Destiny this could end up being a much better received game than the first. Also, rumors state that this will be an Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo NX game only. Meaning we should expect much improved graphics and more detail to armor and guns. For now we will have to wait until Bungie pulls their finger out of the dam to let the information flood out during next month’s E3.

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